Q: Can I buy HAWC_system?
A: Yes, you can. HAWC_system was originally designed as an On Demand service that you rent; per production or yearly, according to your needs. We have now developed the technology so that it can be installed at your premises, allowing local as well as remote editing and collaboration.

Q: Is HAWC eye available for iPhone and iPad?
A: Yes. The app can be downloaded from the App store. It´s free but you need to be part of a production using the HAWC system to get an account. Please let us know if you are interested in our services and we can provide temporary demo accounts.

Q: Can I use HAWC_eye only?
A: Yes, soon. HAWC_eye is currently an integrated module of the HAWC_system that makes it possible for directors, photographers and other members of the team to watch dailies and edited scenes. As of today you need to be involved in a production that is using HAWC_system to use HAWC_eye. We are currently developing a stand-alone version of the HAWC_Eye.

Q: What are the specifications for my client computer?
A: You can use any ordinary computer or a thin client. Monitors, sound equipment and other peripherals can be set up as you please.

Q: What internet connection do I need?
A: To work in HAWC_edit in full resolution we recommend a 30 Mbit internet connection. It is possible to use HAWC_system at lower bandwidth with reduced video quality. To watch dailies and scenes in HAWC_eye 0,5 mbit is a minimum.

Q: How can I watch dailies?
A: Dailies and edited scenes can be viewed on any computer or using an iPad or iPhone. The player automatically adjusts the video quality depending on your internet connection.

Q: Can I use HAWC_system on both Mac and PC clients?
A: Yes.

Q: Where are my media files stored?
A: All media files are stored in a secure server environment with full backup and security functions.

Q: Is it complicated to start using the HAWC system?
A: No. The login process is fully automatic. You need an account and a password. The interface and editing software are familiar to professional film workers.

Q: Can I collaborate with other members of the team such as directors and photographers?
A: Yes. All tools and media files are available to everyone in your team that has been granted access to the system.

Q: Can I work whenever I want to?
A: All tools and media files are available at all times independent of time and location as long as you are connected to the internet.

Q: Do I need to make copies of hard drives and media files?
A: No copying or physical transportation of files, discs or hard drives is needed. This saves time, money and the environment.

Q: When can directors and photographers view dailies?
A: Dailies and scenes can be made available instantly and at high resolution.

Q: Is it secure?
A: The risk of any material being distributed illegally is minimized, since access to the platform and media storage is restricted, controlled and can be monitored.

Q: What software can be used?
A: The concept can deliver any professional post-production application. Additional tools can be added at your request. Please let us know what tools you need.

Q: What about support and updates?
A: The HAWC_system guarantees availability, stability and security with back-up functions, updates and support.