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Edit and Share Your Screen in Real Time

The need to share work in progress is urgent to a film editor.

Our technology allows you, not only to edit as usual, but also to invite directors, producers or even clients to a virtual edit room. This includes sharing the interface of the editing application, the video sequence and audio in real time and in high resolution.

Hit play, pause, scroll through the sequence, search your bins and play out the sequence in full screen. No matter what you do, the same thing will be seen and heard on the remote client. Any changes or edits will appear instantly.

Seeing is believing.


People in the Park are doing it


Way up north, film editor Håkan Karlsson at People in the Park productions work and collaborate in real time Continue reading

Freddy Heineken

People in the Park productions are about to complete the editing of “Kidnapping Freddy Heineken” for Embankement films. Shot in the Netherlands, edited in Stockholm and Kilafors, producers in the UK and in the US. Edited in HAWC.

November 21 2013. The Swedish Film Institute invited film editor Håkan Karlsson to discuss the future of post-production (in Swedish).

“This is the Next Generation of Post-Production”

World first Cloud editing platform


We are excited to announce the successful completion of the research initiative, “Film Editing as a Cloud Service”, delivering a distributed architecture and elasticity for a flexible hybrid cloud solution. Continue reading

Universal partnership announced

Universal production music and HAWC International today announces a partnership agreement. We can now present the best production music library in the world at the fingertips of our users. Search – choose – add. Done.

R&D: elasticity

Today we launched our one-year R&D project adressing elasticity and scalability for our products. Researchers at Umeå University are our partners and we´re funded by Vinnova in our efforts.

Stieg Larssons Millennium films

Yellowbird chooses HAWC_system for Stieg Larsson’s Millennium films “The girl who played with fire” and “The girl who blew the hornets nest”. The HAWC_system is also used during the making of the extended TV verison, parts 3-6.

Wallander: Exploring the system

Throughout the production of 12 new Wallander movies in 2009, synch and editing was done in HAWC_system. Most scenes were shot on location in Ystad, synched the same evening in Stockholm, 500 km away and edited in Kilafors a further 300 km north. Synchronized scenes were available for director Stephan Apelgren the next morning, in full screen resolution.

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